<aside> <img src="/icons/volume-high_purple.svg" alt="/icons/volume-high_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Gym owners and personal trainers were having a hard time finding each other. Based on this premise, we designed a solution that connects both parties through easy space advertising/booking, an advanced search feature, and a flexible payment plan for all users. This led to a 38% decrease in the time spent searching for each other and thus pushing the product acceptance rate to 63%. Here’s how we did it👇🏾


Identifying the gap in the market

Personal trainers and gym owners were having a hard time finding each other. My research into the fitness industry revealed certain products like Trainerize, Mindbody, Airgym, Silofit, etc were attempting to solve a similar problem but the following shortcomings were identified;

There was a business opportunity here…and I was ready to design the solution for it.

My Role

I worked as the sole designer on this project, managing the entire process from research and ideation to delivery of the final high-fidelity screens.

I ensured the client’s team was in the loop as the project progressed, so they understood the ‘whys’ behind my decisions and the direction I was headed at each point.

Ideating the best solution

To solve this problem, I was going to design a two-sided mobile application that will allow gym owners to place their gym space up for rent for a specific time period to independent personal trainers; while independent personal trainers will be able to find gym spaces and request + book them on the other side.



After settling on sketches for the main screens, I proceeded to create low-fidelity wireframes and a style guide.

Designing and adhering to a style guide ensured that I kept elements consistent and enabled a more efficient workflow.



Talking to Users

To uncover the expectations of potential users, I had discussions with personal trainers and gym owners. The aim of this was to;